Enrico Casella talks Italy at the 2015 World Championships.

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“Do you want to know my thoughts on the draw of the qualifying Glasgow championships? Well, first of all it’s a draw, so there’s no room for complaints.

Anyway, a brief consideration: we will need to have the strongest gymnasts in good shape. Since we don’t have a huge number of super-high level athletes, we obviously need to  have our best representatives in full health.

That said, as far as the qualification is concerned, one of the goals that we should try to reach is to avoid the Test Event in April in Rio, because, on a programming level, this would create a lot of problems, a lot more than we had a few years ago when we went to compete at the Test Event on January 7th in London. This is because in January we still had the time to get ready for summer, whereas if we were to give it all in April, it would be hard in such a short time span to get ourselves ready for the Olympic Games.

About the other countries and their respective draws, we need to leave USA, Russia and China aside, since these are countries that are objectively out of our reach with the 6-5-4 format. Competing for the remaining 5 places (because the first 8 qualify directly), in my opinion right now we can identify 8 teams: Italy, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Japan, and the Europeans, GB, Germany and Romania. I’m including Romania because with this competition format even they can be beatable, just like it happened in Nanning, when during the first day, with the 6-5-4 format, we managed to beat them. This will obviously also depend on their health state, there are comebacks, like that of Catalina Ponor, that could add value to a team like Romania, but we will need to wait and see what happens by the time the championship starts. So analyzing these teams, an important information is that out of the 12 subdivisions, we ended up in the 5th, so we will compete at about 6 pm in the first day. However, out of all the 7 teams I’ve mentioned, 5 will compete before us, and only 2 will go up after us (Germany and Australia).

So, all in all, this draw can be considered as positive. Our starting event will be UB, which perhaps…or certainly is our weakest event, but we have to start somewhere so that doesn’t matter that much. What is important, since we know that as the days progress the scores go up, is to hope that these scores won’t go up too much for our direct competitors. Since Germany will go up right after us, it’s actually just Australia that, in my opinion, might benefit from this kind of “trend” that, sadly, we’ve always witnessed through the years. So we will be at the same level as others and we will play our cards at the best of our abilities, trying to take advantage from others’ mistakes, just as much as others will do with our own mistakes. We will have to avoid mistakes and be as concrete as possible and base everything on our strengths.”

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