people who repost gifs/edits/etc instead of just reblogging or retweeting are the worst. OH and ESPECIALLY when it’s without credit. rude. Advertisements

mas0nj4r: On a scale of Romania not qualifying to team finals to having 4 world champions on UB how crazy was your week?

bailies-keys: reason 260 why she’s my favorite

maxwhitlocksupporters: LOL! Love this!

NBC: let’s only show 5 minutes of the men’s TF competition. okay, and let’s just show one routine of their worst event from Danell where he messed up

aly126: sparklesandchalk: Bela Karolyi dressed as Dracula for Halloween Oh my God, I can’t unsee it!!! That’s how I’m gonna picture him from now on 

Komova, also a Russian disaster. Al Trautwig after her TF bars

usaisbae: Ohhh, NBC is showing team finals now.

😍 😍 😍

Giulia did not injure any ligaments in her knee

onodistheway: 30sec-dance-party: The person (unfortunately I don’t know who he is, probably someone from the Swiss gymnastics federation) just interviewed by the SRF (Swiss Radio and Television) just said that they can confirm that she didn’t suffer an ACL tear and no other ligaments were injured. They are however not sure what is going on…