aurelia-dobre: aliyamustafina: aurelia-dobre: btw I’m still hoping that Grishina will make a strong come back and go to Rio :’) sweetieeee 🙂 shut up it’s totally happening Advertisements

papaliukin: Brinn Bevan has started a vlog on his recovery. In this first video he talks about how he broke his leg at British teams and the crazy week he’s had since the injury.  (Source:

erikastrada: 32 today! Documented for posterity. happy birthday! you could definitely pass for 16!

papaliukin: djl4117: Didn’t have the best performance on my rhythmic gymnastics debut but I’m still grateful for the experience… Watch the full routine on my facebook I think Yana Kudryavtseva should watch out for you in Rio. 

melitinastanioutas: All time favourite routines: {1/? } Anna Pavlova | Exodus

A photo posted by Charlotte Drury (@charlottedrury) on Nov 30, 2015 at 6:00am PST // charlottedrury: A little bit of background on this photo: I just completed my routine in semi-finals and I finished it feeling triumphant and proud. I thought I had done enough to make finals and earn my country a spot at the…

Simone Biles is surprised by a fan during her appearance at a football game @mohinimeansillusion

mohinimeansillusion: sloppy-jo-2916: JJ Watt interacting with fans before the game against the Saints. 11/29/2015 That’s Simone Biles on the right. A 10x world gymnastics champion and 14x world medalist, all since 2013. She’s not just a fan she’s a LEGEND and one of the greatest female athletes alive.