charlottedrury: A little bit of background on this photo:

I just completed my routine in semi-finals and I finished it feeling triumphant and proud. I thought I had done enough to make finals and earn my country a spot at the Olympics. I waited and waited for my score to flash and I started to worry a bit. Why was it taking so long? Eventually, it flashed and I knew at that moment, it wasn’t going to be enough. I turned to my coach and this photo was taken. It looks like I’m about to burst into tears and quite frankly I kinda wanted to. It was so easy for me to give into the feelings of inadequacy the judges deemed my performance instead of being proud of what I had just done. I gave 100% of my very best out there and, most importantly, I enjoyed every second of it.

But the whole point to this excessively long post is that there are some things that simply fall outside the realm of our own control, and if you let those things decide your happiness or worth…well you’re going to have a lot of unhappy days. I’m finding that letting these things go and focusing instead on what’s within our own abilities is empowering.

SOO long story short, this all just means that Team USA is heading to Rio in April to compete for one of the remaining Olympic spots…and this time I’m not going to give those judges anything to question.


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