kjmkibvm: reblog if it’s still 2015 where you live Advertisements

wishfulgoddess: Another humorous dashboard coincidence. 

a1tumbling: 子供たちにブタの丸焼きを披露する内村航平 The caption reads, “Kohei Uchimura performs ‘roasted pig’ for the children.”

         Happy 20th Birthday to the Olympic Champion                    Gabrielle Christina Victoria Douglas!                                        Long live the Queen!

anastasiil: /how I will celebrate the new year/ and that full minute will just be me thinking about this

irishdaniel: How many times have Nastia and Al commented on the size of the Chinese with an obvious negative undertone @mohinimeansillusion and I noticed how excessively BBC’s commentators did this too when we were just recently watching 2011 Worlds…

mohinimeansillusion: jordynslefteyebrow: I have so many Starbucks gift cards but we have one Starbucks here and it’s 30 minutes away 🙃 there’s a place in the us that has only one starbucks? SAME

spotlightgymnastics: If I were a gymnast, I wouldn’t mind training hard in this leo.  I love the design of the back

alittlehoponthelanding: meanwhile in just over 24 hours it will be THE YEAR OF THE OLYMPICS