Maia and Alex skate last. and basically that is too far away. Advertisements

mashamurray: when you’re too excited and you fall and then you react to that fall

edge-triggered: “The best short program in Worlds probably ever.” – B.ESP commentator on Gracie’s SP Me: Hold up right there, young man!

A photo posted by Megan Skaggs (@megan_skaggs) on Mar 31, 2016 at 2:53pm PDT // papaliukin: Megan Skaggs has announced her retirement from elite. (Source:

irishdaniel replied to your video “more TBT cause I love watching floor warmups. plus you can hear my…” Your voice is not gross!!! Love your reactions �� haha good! I mean I saw Brenna’s double front in person for the first time, how else was I supposed to act, plus Haley’s dlo is glorious.

swanvika: sasapodkopayevawieber: Ashley hitting the shit out of her SP @sparklesandchalk (Source:

Top 16 after the Short Program


lifeofpossibility: I somehow got into Brown?!?!??? that’s amazing! congrats! ASac would be proud haha

thepushyqueenofsluttown: ginamarie135: txgymcoach: Just what every training olympian needs…. Like they could have at least shipped more dasani or sparkling water or vitamin water or powerade lol. Omg she can just save it for the post-Rio parties