Brussels under attack: Many dead after explosions at airport and on Metro

Belgium is this morning believed to be under attack after multiple blasts at Brussels Airport and on the city’s metro system.

At least 11 people are believed to have been killed and dozens more injured following the explosions. It is believed the American Airlines departure desk was targeted at the airport while a station in the Maelbeek area appears to have been targeted as well. There are also reports of shots being fired near the places where the blasts went off and Arabic was shouted beforehand. The country has now been put on terror level 4 – the highest possible. Some reports suggest that firefighters have discovered more explosive devices at the airport, also known as Zaventem Airport.Another explosion has gone off at a station in central Brussels closing the Metro system down.

Flights and train services to and from the airport have been suspended. Sky News Middle East correspondent Alex Rossi, who was at the airport en route for Tel Aviv, told the channel: ‘I could feel the buildings move.’
Mr Rossi told Sky News people were ‘dazed and shocked’.
‘The word is definitely two explosions.
‘The thinking here by everybody is that it is some kind of terrorist attack although that hasn’t been verified by anyone here at the airport.

‘No word too of casualties. Don’t know how the explosion took place, the method if you like. But it certainly seems Brussels airport has been targeted in a terrorist attack.
‘We are all being moved out of the airport now towards the emergency exit. There is a great deal of confusion here. Certainly there are a number of very upset, as you might imagine, very frightened people.’
He added: ‘There are fears that there might be other attackers.’

Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2016/03/22/two-loud-explosions-heard-at-brussels-airport-5766899/#ixzz43cSMfU6E


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