2016 City of Jesolo Trophy || Aly Raisman || Balance Beam : 14.750

I figured out why Aly has trouble with her switch ½, y’all. She does it on the wrong leg! Generally people who do right sided leaps (i.e. swing the left leg first then open into a right sided split in a regular switch leap) switch swinging legs when they do switch halves so that they’re swinging the right leg, then turning and opening into a right-sided split (it feels awkward at first because you’re swinging with the opposite leg that you’re used to but has the benefit of you hitting the split position on your most flexible side instead of your weaker side).

But Aly is swinging with her left leg, the same as she does on non-turning switch leaps, which means she is opening into a left-sided split when she is a righty! No wonder she isn’t hitting a full split – she’s on her weaker side here. Someone who doesn’t struggle with flexibility probably wouldn’t have a problem leaping on both sides, but given that Aly used to hsave problems hitting a full split even on her right side, I have to wonder why she hasn’t tried to switch to the other direction so that she can open into the split on her good, right side.

I got an ask from an anon the other day about Aly’s leaps, so you pretty much answered the question.


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