jessicaanncoombs: I feel like a real elite gymnast because some random account posted a photo of me! Those spelling mistakes though… Advertisements

A video posted by Kenzo Shirai (@kenzoshirai) on Apr 29, 2016 at 5:31am PDT // movedtotheinternet: papaliukin: Who says Kenzo Shirai only twists? Triple Arabian with ½ turn!  NOT HUMAN. I don’t care if he’s on a TumblTrak… HOW? (Source:

U.S. National Team Then/Now: Amelia Hundley

mohinis-bhardwaj: 3percountryplease: so-much-madder: WHAT IS THIS LEO AND WHY HAVE I NEVER SEEN IT BEFORE?!?!? TF leo potentially??? @3percountryplease either that or an EF leo probably the latter. she wore it for the skating and gymnastics spectacular so I’m pretty sure it was from last year’s NT leos

I kinda hate all the Gator hate, it’s not like the girls score themselves and it’s not like other teams don’t have some crazy fans (you know the craziest are the loudest). I guess I just have a soft spot for them because they were the first team that got me interested in NCAA or maybe I’m just ignorant to a past crime they committed. (I’m not that youtuber commenter btw lol, just a closeted Gator fan that thought the Gator hate was done for the year.)

yeah I think sometimes it is hard to separate disliking the scoring with disliking the team. I feel most people that have resentment towards the scoring don’t actually hate the team, it’s just that as a whole the team is almost a bit tainted. It’s like with Aliya. Many still love and appreciate her gymnastics,…

aly126: I can’t get over the disappointment. Not only did Andreea Iridon retire without living up to her potential or having the great career she deserved, but she got to retire during this horrible situation, with missing qualifications and having coaches say nasty things about the girls. Do you guys remember the hopes we had…

*rolls eyes so hard they fall out of my head*

iridons: I’m not crying, I’ve just got another young, talented, promising Romanian gymnast who was failed by the Romanian gym fed and retired before she realised her full potential in my eye. do I even want to know who it is?

who is coming with me to get margaritas after work today?

mustafinesse: Hello beautiful people, I recently reached a follower goal of mine, 3000!!!!!! I would just like to thank you all for being such fantastic followers and liking and reblogging all of my gifs! I can’t believe that its finally almost time for the olympics, it feels like 2013 worlds was just a minute ago!…