anastasiagrishinas: ask me this or that gym questions Advertisements

adorology: When you realize you’re subtweeting yourself and gotta delete before it’s too late

mylemonginger: does anybody else remember that time when tying our sweaters around our waists suddenly became very uncool, and we all had to start carrying them instead for the sake of fashion?

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with the best.

papaliukin replied to your post “Do you know what the international regulations for where your leotard…” LOL must be the same anon. I answered this same exact question for two other Tumblr people just yesterday. haha it’s been in my inbox for a couple days, but I haven’t been home to answer it

my-bff-nastia: Actually dying at this pic I took of Gabby running away from her life

joshawooott: Logos of the Games of the Olympiad of the modern era Athens 1896 | Paris 1900 | St. Louis 1904 | London 1908 | Stockholm 1912 Antwerp 1920 | Paris 1924 | Amsterdam 1928 | Los Angeles 1932 | Berlin 1936 London 1948 | Helsinki 1952 | Melbourne 1956 | Rome 1960 | Tokyo…