alittlehoponthelanding: nastiafina: whiptotriple: inbar-gienger: irishdaniel: This IGF commentator just gave us (well, me at least) the most useful piece of info for vault start number. 1st number = Vault family 2nd = Position 3rd = Number of ½ twists I DID NOT KNOW THIS!! This is honestly life changing information. For positions it’s 1= tuck…

usagymnastics: Congratulations to Bridget Sloan!! (x)

russiangymbreaksmyheart: Seda Tutkhalyan (6.0) 14.525 Osijek WC 2016 UB EF She’s taken out some of the upgrades we saw from Russian Cup but it’s probably for the better. Seda was reasonably consistent with this routine before and the Bhadwaj is super pretty, with her legs glued together and caught well. I wish she’d change the…

fyeahgabbydouglas: Gabby Douglas, Simone Biles, and Ryan Lochte on the Today Show

U.S. National Team Then/Now: Sydney Johnson-Scharpf

U.S. National Team Then/Now: Alyssa Baumann

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A photo posted by Ivana Hong (@ivanahong) on Apr 28, 2016 at 1:23pm PDT // ivanahong  Goodbye my loverGoodbye my friendYou have been the oneYou have been the one for me #jamesblunt #farewellbeam (Source:

sparklesandchalk: Amelia Hundley // 2015 Pan American Games

ginamarie135: papaliukin: cristygen: alyraismanyourmyqueen: papaliukin: cristygen: Manrique Larduet Osijek world cup. With a new dismount! Insane! We can now add the Larduet to the CoP!  Seriously?! I thought it was only Olympics or worlds or is that just for WAG That’s only for WAG. It sucks for WAG! ^^What she said. In this quad MAG…